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Steering Shaft Kit for Saginaw Power Steering Conversions

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We searched for the strongest most reliable parts for the steering shaft. Carefully selected Spicer PTO U-Joints and Yoke Ends along with a 7/8″ Hex Slip Shaft to offer smooth, trouble free steering for heavy duty off road applications.

These parts are US made with commonly available replacement bearings.

Designed for the 40 Series Land Cruiser, but will fit other applications that use the 36 spline Saginaw 800 gearbox input shaft.

Parts - (in order from the firewall down)

  • Steering column support bearing
  • 3/4" keyed round yoke end
  • U-joint bearing
  • 7/8" short hex yoke end
  • 34″ long 7/8" hex shaft (comes long, cut to fit)
  • 7/8" hex slip yoke
  • U-joint bearing
  • 36 spline yoke for Saginaw 800 steering box input shaft

Cutting and grinding required for installation. Refer to the installation document.
Welding required - MIG weldable.
Steering parts should be installed by a professional.



Parts are shipped via FedEx Ground to residential and commercial addresses.