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Power Steering Cooler kit

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The GX470, 4th Gen and 5th Gen 4Runners power steering lines are routed down and outside the frame making them vulnerable to rocks, roots and other objects. If you take your rig off road you should seriously consider this cooler and line kit.

We also designed this kit for GX470, 4th Gen and 5th Gen 4Runners because the stock cooler tube is in the way for installation of a winch.

While designing the cooler kit we took one look at the stock lines hanging outside the frame and determined that those too needed to be replaced with a better design.

What you get is a real performance power steering cooler instead of just the stock tube across the radiator. You also end up with room for your winch and high clearance steering lines as well. This makes this kit functional in more than one way.



14.5"x1.75" Aluminum in-line heat sink performance cooler unit, -6 A/N male fittings

Powder coated cooler bracket with hardware

Stainless steel high clearance hard line kit, both sides

Soft connector lines with -6 female fittings

Soft line hose clamps



Kit is shipped to residential and commercial addresses.