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Pitman Arms and Tapering

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Pitman arm

We offer a wide variety of pitman arms for a wide variety of applications including Toyota IFS truck and 4Runner, Landcruiser 60, 70, 80, GM and Scout Saginaw.

We can taper your existing pitman arm. If you purchase our steering kit we will taper your existing pitman arm as part of the kit price.

Our standard Saginaw pitman arm is a 1″ drop straight clocking unit.

Also available, heavy duty flat pitman arms for Saginaw gear boxes. These HD pitman arms come without a tapered tie rod end hole and 2" of flat so you can choose the throw from 5.5" - 7.5" eye to eye. We can taper it for you with FJ80, Small GM or Large GM taper to your specifications or send it without the taper.

Toyota pitman arms are supplied to us by Marlin Crawler. We can taper them to the large GM drag link taper or leave them with the FJ80 taper. The splines will fit the Truck and 4Runner IFS steering box and Land Cruiser 60, 70 and 80 Series gear boxes.

Specify taper requirements and flat or drop for Saginaw.



Parts are shipped via USPS Priority Mail to residential and commercial addresses.